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+34 96 240 43 61 Lunes - Viernes 07:00 - 15:30 Carrer Moliners, 21


Labeling Machine Stepless Lite Single Head

Labeling head, for the application of self-adhesive labels on a wide range of containers: cylindrical, conical, flat, guarantee seals etc. It allows fast changes between formats and great stability of […]

Labeling Machine Stepless Premium Single Head

High performance labeling head intended for the application of self-adhesive labels on high production lines. Speed and precision thanks to the built-in technology, keeps the torque curve at high speed […]

Labeling Line Aztec

Compact labeling line designed for small spaces, with a width of less than 700 millimeters, it fits perfectly at the end of the line. Indicated to apply labels on mainly […]

Bassept Labeling Line

Universal labeling line for applying one or more self-adhesive labels with high production capacity. Modular equipment that can be adapted to multiple forms of packaging, including conical or special shapes. […]

Bassept 3C Labeling Line

Labeling machine to apply with a single label on three or four faces of thermoformed trays. Its special design of stainless steel allows us to produce high productions, a total […]

Zimmer Labeling Line

Equipment designed to apply labels in cylindrical containers, with the possibility of labeling in a wraparound or semi-wrapping way and label with seal on a lid of cans in a […]

Label Dispenser

Semi-automatic dispenser of self-adhesive labels that facilitates its manual application on any product, since it allows of quickly and comfortable the availability of a label. The photocell installed in the […]

Pneumatic label applicator

Applicator with real-time printing of labels on pallets, boxes or individual containers. Pneumatic actuator with linear bearing guides for uniform displacement of the applicator. To facilitate its operation, it has […]

Custom Projects

Development of special heads, unique for each situation: type of line, environment and product.

SIND Labeling line

New labeler with suction and blow pad, for the labeling of watermelons, melons and a wide range of packaging. Suitable for making changes between product types with great stability of […]